Let’s start a new chapter in your story.

I can help you or your organization identify, live, and share your role in God’s great narrative. I tailor services for each client to provide the framework and skills needed to execute personal, organizational, or writing goals with greater impact.

Nonprofit Leaders

  • Executive and team coaching
  • Nonprofit executives masterminds
  • Fundraising strategy coaching and consulting
  • High performance work patterns
  • Strengths-based coaching
  • Direct service coaching to clients in your programs or transitioning out
  • Life Maps retreat & workshop
  • Organizational communication consultation
  • PR/marketing communication consulting
  • Bringing Christ into Crisis (mental health awareness and coaching)

Nonfiction Writers

  • Creative process coaching
  • Writers/speakers mastermind
  • Life Maps retreat & workshop
  • SMART goals for writers coaching & workshop
  • Publication project management
  • Public speaking for authors
  • Retreat & conference Workshops
  • Narrative nonfiction writing (for select projects.)

Are you ready to turn the page?

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