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Conquering the Collaborative Conundrum Coaching Mastermind for Collective Impact Leaders (Feb. 23-April 20)

You believe a better world is possible for those you serve, and you’re on a mission to solve complex problems for your community. But a single organization, no matter how courageous and well-funded, can only do so much. Collective Impact may be a powerful tool to advance your mission, but realities of executing these partnerships bring new challenges for community heroes like you. The Conquering the Collaborative Conundrum Mastermind goes deeper than teaching concepts. It will help you to address the specific challenges your organization is wrestling with as you enter or navigate collective partnerships.

Throughout five group coaching sessions with other nonprofit professionals, you’ll dive into the nitty gritty of implementing the elements of Collective Impact, specific to your organization.

  • Common Agenda (Feb. 23)
  • Shared Measurement (March 9)
  • Mutually Reinforcing Activities (March 23)
  • Continuous Communication (April 6)
  • Backbone Support (April 20)

You’ll also receive two, one-on-one coaching sessions completely devoted to your needs!

Register today and lead the way for your organization and community to make possible the better world you envision for those you serve.

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