A Tutor for Life’s Pop Quizzes

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

Remember pop quizzes in school? They put you on the spot, tested your knowledge, and rated your performance. Sometimes they boosted your confidence as you realized how quickly you recalled the answers. Other times, they caught you off guard. Even when you had studied, you couldn’t pull that knowledge up under pressure. “I know that I know this!” you muttered as you gnawed on your pencil.

Life can be like that, too. Sometimes we leap tall challenges in a single bound. Other times, we feel blindsided by a roadblock on the way to our goals. We wrack our brains trying to find solutions, answers, fresh inspiration, but it seems in vain. We are simply bound to fail the quiz, and our grade point average takes a hit.

Imagine if at those times, you had an invisible tutor at your side, coaching you to pull the answers together from the recesses of your mind?

Imagine if that person helped you make connections of the knowledge and resources you already have that empower you with fresh perspective and energy to pass that test? Unlike the smart kid at the desk next to you, this tutor would not give you the answers to copy. Instead, she would open you to divergent thinking that helps you use the expertise and experience you already have in new ways. What if you could rock that pop quiz, and know you came up with the best solution–one you fully earned–with a silent tutor to support you?

That would feel pretty good right! Well, this is called coaching. Coaching is what I do well. I’m on a mission to help others thrive in life, business, and ministry by coaching them through life’s “pop quizzes” to reach their full potential.


Published by Jeannette Scott

Missional communication coach, author, minister, daughter of God. My life mission is to live with passion for Christ, his servants, and his great commission. If you like hanging out in Lancaster County bookstores, quilt shops, coffee shops, or dog parks, we may have already met!

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